Launched in 2019, Ciao Amore is an online magazine covering topics from Music to Design and Fashion. Ciao Amore is a space ran by creatives, for creatives and about creatives. Our mission is to be a platform for creative people doing cool things. We are passionate about indie artists and musicians doing stuff they love and sharing it with the world. And we are here to tell you about it!

Ciao Amore Mag is not one of those formal websites soullessly informing about industry news and events. We want to start discussions with our readers and give a mic to people who are trying to make this world a bit better by sharing their art and ideas. No matter if it’s music, film, fashion or design – we write about topics that inspire us and we think are interesting to share with our audience. We are a bit eclectic with a wide range of interests, so you can expect to see different articles each week that will hopefully open up your horizons a bit.

This is what Ciao Amore is about! We are here to (hopefully) inspire you and give you some cool new stuff to read. Especially in an age when it feels like people prefer other mediums, we think it’s very important to keep writing, as not everything can be summarized in a short TikTok video. And while we’re all glued to our screens anyway, why not read something interesting and learn something new? If you agree, then we think you’ll have a great time here! Follow @ciaoamoremag on our social media channels to keep up with us to never miss an interesting new post! You can expect exciting exclusive interviews with artists and musicians, reviews and opinion pieces, as well as deep dives into different topics. We hope you’ll like it here and come back, but until then – Ciao!