MUNYA Takes Us To Space With New Single Boca Chica

May 8, 2020


MUNYA Takes Us To Space With New Single Boca Chica

I’m always drawn to new sounds that I’ve never heard before. I feel that I need to consume music like food, perhaps even more than that. It’s a fuel for life! Instead of being calorie dense, music feeds us in different ways. And when I first heard Hotel Delmano by MUNYA, it really spoke to me. And even though I don’t speak French, I believe that you don’t always need to understand the language to connect to a song. Maybe that’s just me, but maybe we all should broaden our horizons beyond what we know and understand to be able to experience something new.

Singer MUNYA comes from Saguenay, a small town in Quebec, Canada. Currently living in Montreal, she enjoys waking up early and listening to the birds. MUNYA tells me it’s hard for her to describe her musical genre, but she calls it New Synth Folk. I’m into it! MUNYA started releasing her music in 2018. “I’ve always played music but I decided to start my solo project when my friend invited me to play at a music festival in Montreal, I only had one song! And it wasn’t a good song!“.

Munya Indie singer Ciao Amore Interview

Out of This World

MUNYA tells me she finds inspiration in life itself. “I like to dream, I like to believe. Right now I’m super duper inspired by space. I love space“. And her love for space can be seen in her music, like the song If I’m Gone Tomorrow (It’s Because of Aliens). MUNYA fights writer’s block by going for a walk and listening to the classics, such as The Beatles. She admits that the most challenging part of her creative process is starting a new song. “It’s so hard to be in front of a blank page. Sometimes it takes 4 hours till I get a good idea and sometimes it only takes 30 minutes“. MUNYA says it’s different each time. “Creativity feels like it’s coming from another world. I can’t explain it“. Maybe creativity comes from space, I think MUNYA is on to something here! And I can relate to that, creativity can’t be forced and it also can’t be stopped, so you’ve gotta channel it while it’s there.

Munya Indie singer Ciao Amore Interview

We Have To Keep Dreaming

MUNYA has a new single out titled Boca Chica, so naturally, I wanted to hear more about her latest release. “The world is upside down, we don’t know when this is going to end and what the long term effects are going to be… But I know we have to keep dreaming“. And she is absolutely right, we can’t let our dreams die in these challenging times. “Boca Chica is the name of a town in Texas where Space X is building dreams, they are building a starship to Mars. I know a Starship is not going to save any lives today, but I also know that the science and technology we create from these programs will help shape the future for the best, just as the Space race did in the 60’s” She adds: “My dream is that we realize we are one, realize we are all in this together. That we all need to help each other and that we can do the impossible if we do it together and keep dreaming“. What a beautiful way to bring people together through music.

Munya Indie singer Ciao Amore Interview

I wanted to find out who would MUNYA love to collaborate with, living or dead, there are no limits. “Kurt Cobain. Because I could learn so much with him“. She also tells me that she’s working on some new projects currently, but can’t share anything with us just yet. So make sure that you follow MUNYA on Instagram to keep up with her new releases. Lastly, I asked her what I ask everyone I interview – What is something that you wish more people were talking about right now? To which she replied – “They are running out of Doritos“. So go check if you’ve run out of Doritos and stream Boca Chica on Spotify.

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